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Natural Science explores different perspectives, fusing different modes of thinking. Discoveries are again and again born from investigating those grey spaces between distinct disciplines, unveiling new opportunities and new approaches. From the experimental Carol Christian Poell Drip Sneaker to the technical Seamless Isaac Sellam Jacket, our explorative Natural Science section brings to you valuable wardrobe discoveries.


Our Natural Science designers are mad professors and alchemists who transform raw materials into works of art. Driven by a resolute passion, their mindfully crafted items are a result of relentless research and pushing known limits. Leather jackets that mould to the body. Architectural trainers. Ghost-like fabrics that offer unreal comfort. Our Natural Science collection has that transformational piece for your ever-changing fashion library.




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Carol Christian Poell


Leon Emanuel Blanck


Taichi Murakami


Some of the pieces within this curation are not available to purchase online, please contact us for more information on a specific piece or for special order requests.