Canvas and leather jeans, contoured jackets, and the bowed sole of a leather boot are telltale traits of Italian clothing and footwear brand Layer-0. The ultra-modern label is not only driven by an aesthetic vision that is sleek, artisanal, and somewhat eerie - its ghost-like silhouettes certainly linger in the mind. Layer-0 amongst others have also driven the awakening of slow fashion, which savours the enjoyment and appreciation of slowing down and taking things slow. 


Nestled away in a studio somewhere in Perugia, Italy, founder Alessio Zero is slowly and meticulously crafting his next technically faultless piece. He’s also creating imaginative imagery and film to reflect the life-like nature of his work. Zero’s classical training in pattern-making and tailoring has equipped him with the tools to actualise his conceptual and carefully considered designs. The leather used in Zero’s pieces are oiled, waxed, or treated to create unique finishes and his constructions are reminiscent of traditional craft whilst radiating a sense of modern utility. 


Layer-0’s pieces have a life of their own - born of tradition, yet made with a vision of modernity.

James Tustin