Sagittaire A - Mystique and Bricolage


Oversized sweatshirts emblazoned with ironic prints meet boxy jackets and slouchy track pants in Sagittaire A’s fall collection.


The young brand was founded in 2017 by designers whose love for art and bricolage is evident. A criticism of contemporary society and the production of garments, the new collection plays on the company logos of famous brands—a manipulated version of the mastercard logo is found on baggy tops and the Marlborough logo across the back of a sweeping black coat.

Sagittaire A’s first collection pays tribute to One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, a 1962 novel turned film set in a psychiatric hospital—the theme is continued in AW18.


The brand’s experimental yet wearable pieces are created by young, self trained designers shrouded in a cloak of mystery.


The brand’s original and unisex pieces reveal a lot about their designers’ vision, even if little is known about them as individuals.

Little is know about the designers themselves, although their unique creations and vision is reminiscent of Carol Christian Poell’s boxy cuts and Maison Margiela’s deconstructed style suggested by elaborate overstitching detail.

Bold prints feature heavily in the new Sagittaire A collection, like oil paintings that have been reincarnated as graphic prints that adorn tees, soft hoodies, boxy jackets and oversized outerwear. Slouchy track pants and blue cotton jeans are stacked atop leather boots beneath long shirts and wide jackets.