Greg Lauren

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Rebelling from his well known fashion lineage, Greg Lauren’s pieced-together hoodies and sprawling robes seem a world away from his initial foundations in classic tailoring. Not only does Lauren deconstruct garments, he also experiments with the deconstruction of classic male archetypes. From destroyed hoodies to the denim and wool fisherman’s smoking robe, Lauren executes a distinctive twist that plays with how things should look and what they mean. Go loud or savour understated staples with Greg Lauren.

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For those with a taste for the avant-garde, military inspired label Greg Lauren offers something wonderfully loud yet totally unique. Re-contextualised Americana collides with utilitarian pieces to produce a uniquely flamboyant brand with a process of deconstruction and reconstruction at its core. Since 2011, Lauren has been destroying and ripping material apart to create new forms and one of a kind garments. His medium of choice when creating re-purposed pieces range from military surplus and vintage workwear to old tailoring fabrics. 

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