Past, Present & Future: m_moriabc by Maurizio Altieri


While reminiscent of concepts explored at Carpe Diem, Maurizio Altieri brings to life an original examination of time with m_moriabc—the project was first presented in 2012. Three separate moments are represented by the letters a, b and c in linear order alluding to the past, present and future—each moment capturing a defined footwear last.

The essence of m_moriabc lies in the notion of looking backwards in order to move forward—a perpetual cycle symbolised by laces which are fused together, to form an infinite loop.

Altieri is a master of reinterpretation and innovation, transforming traditional cordwaining materials and tanning techniques to create genuine and beautiful pieces that accompany their wearers for a lifetime and more.


A: Robust yet elegant silhouette with utility at its core. The A moment takes from the past while making a new and original statement.


B: Flowing and minimalist structure, echoing shapes found in contemporary society. The present is familiar and unmistakable with the B moment.


C: Sleek and stacked lower, innovative construction illustrates the future. The C moment is unresolved with potential for what is to come.